Friday, May 31, 2013

Santa Fe and Paris II

All the buildings in the center of Paris are alike too, more so than less.  Six stories, pale champagne colored sandstone facades, beaux arts and neo-classical decorations, variations on the basic templates.  Just like Santa Fe has its stylistic coherence, so does Paris.  Both are centers of culture and art.  And both date from the 1880s.  That is when Paris continued  to perfect itself as the informal center of the world of high culture, art, style, cuisine, taste and sophistication.  1889 the Eiffel Tower opens.  Paris spends the century perfecting itself and now is locked into its own beauty and splendor.  The informal capital of the world. 
1880 the railroad joined Santa Fe to the larger world.  It began to become the world capital of folk art and craft, of the hunger for the primitive, the original, hand-made, indigenous, native, the center of the new world's First People.  The world capital of First People and everyone who wants to honor them, imitate them, promote them, share their destiny so far as possible.  Santa Fe like Paris is a living museum of its own perfection. 

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