Saturday, November 09, 2013

delicious meal in Manchester

Saturday night

We went to the Fox Run mall near Portsmouth.  Dreadful place.  We had forgotten, hadn’t been there for a good while. Walked first at BJs in Tilton, so we did get the 5000 steps after the mall walking at least.   Day redeemed itself after a wander-drive in the dark back to Manchester (I missed that darned exit again off 95 to 101) we had a great dinner at Republic.  Really great. Sole and Monkfish, two separate dishes.  I had a fine two-glass serving of a Côte du Rhone.  We had tried to get reservations at Cava or Moxy in Portsmouth since this is restaurant week state-wide, but they were overbooked.  Whether we try to go back this week remains to be seen.  Doubt it, but who knows.  Monday is the holiday so that may remind us to consider it.  The blueberry tart was perfect, barely sweet and then on the other side of the tray/plate was a compote of cold, sweeter blueberries.  Perfect pairing with the tart.  Plus a spread of heavy whipped cream with a mint leaf and a thinly sliced strawberry.  I should describe the monkfish treatment with the same zeal for detail but I won’t.  Va’s sole was crusted with pistachios.  

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