Friday, January 24, 2014

Most interesting thing all day, few days ago, may have been in the Dunkin Donuts before the movie.  Twin brothers in their late 30s, each with neatly trimmed heavy black beard, talking Christian theology and church, the dominant twin lecturing the quiet twin about the true nature of Christian interpretation and worship.  Mentioned the Church of the Sepulchre and realized they meant the one in Jerusalem.  That and the fact that they looked Greek-American made me decide they were Greek Orthodox.  I think there is a large population in and around Nashua. Something rather touching about it.  “It is all still going on.”  

“In any reconstruction, it is always only what is pleasing that emerges, while that which genuinely existed eludes demonstration.”   113 Walser

“The author of the clown essay deserves recognition in my view because he takes seriously the good cheer that stems from immediacy.  I am just reading a book by a celebrated novelist who cold-bloodedly antagonized yet another celebrated novelist by one day writing him a letter that accused him of having a “sycophantic soul.”  In truth he merely envied him his open, carefree mode of artistic production.”   112 Walser

That carefree mode seems apt with regard to the work of César Aira.  

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